My career has taken me to places and towns I’ve never heard of, parts of the country I’d never imagine putting roots, but it’s been a journey of purpose and unexpected privilege- sharing people’s stories, struggles, and triumphs.
— Kelly Burke

my background

My love affair with sports started in fifth grade, when I moved to Arizona and was introduced to the Phoenix Suns.  I watched every game that season, on the Suns’ run to the 1993 NBA Finals.  That Suns team fueled my passion for basketball and quickly, other sports, first as a college athlete and now as a professional broadcaster.

An internship my junior year at Arizona State confirmed my decision to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.  Sports production work in New York for the 2004 U.S. Golf and Tennis Opens and Phoenix followed.  In 2006, my on-air career began at KDRV-TV (Medford, OR) as a sports anchor/reporter followed by 7 years at WSIL-TV (Southern Illinois).  After 11 years in local TV sports, I jumped full-time to the freelance world, working games and hosting segments.

My biggest asset is my versatility- the ability to transition seamlessly between play-by-play, analyst, sideline, and hosting roles on a variety of mediums including TV, radio, and online platforms.  Depending on the season, you’ll find me on the field, court, diamond, or studio.  I rely on my extensive preparation and the relationships and trust I build with coaches and players to gain unique insights.  I love the unpredictability of live TV and look forward to future challenges and opportunities in sports and beyond.